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Spine Surgery

Spine Department: Fellowship, Training & Treatment Facilitation

The department of Spine Surgery deal with diseases affects spine and nerves, we have the dedicated surgical teams to manage all your spine related issues.


Our specialists perform all kinds of spinal procedure starting from Minimally Invasive Microdisectomy to complicated cases of spinal fracture.


The team of doctors have worldwide reputation for complex spinal surgeries.


The common diseases are:-

  • Disc prolapse
  • Spinal deformity
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal fracture
  • Spinal tumour
  • Cervical and Lumbar Spondylytis

The medical team only recommend surgery if the patients symptoms are severe otherwise, we will try to manage the manage the condition initially with physiotherapy, supportive care and neuro rehabilitation. The minimally invasive robotic and endoscopic spinal procedures help for fast recovery, less pain, less blood loss and shorter hospital stay. An advanced physiotherapy unit is associated with the Spine centre. Well trained physiotherapists, medical and para medical staff is involved in patient care and all this lead to an excellent treatment outcome.